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Surprise Parties

People are divided into two main categories, those who love surprises and those who hate them. I feel like there is no in-between. I am a surprise hater. For example, if you surprise me, I will probably feel overwhelmed and not know what to do or how to act. I always sit there and stare like a fool without reacting. It's not like I don't appreciate the effort or the fact that people took their time to do something for me, but it's just a bit too much. Everyone around me knows this ( unfortunately had to find out the hard way), and they don't do that anymore.

On the other hand, my sister is a big fan of surprises. She constantly wants people to surprise her, not only with physical gifts but even with a song, a poem, or anything like that. She thrives by it. I know, right? We are sisters but so different...

On the other hand, though, even though, personally, I wouldn't say I like surprises, I love surprising people... I get this tremendous joy when people are happy I can't even explain. It makes me happy as well.

The hardest part about surprising someone is to keep it a secret. Great thinking there, huh? No, but really, I sometimes get so excited about it that I wanna spill everything and just say it. I have not yet done that, but I do get the urge to.

The tension building up before you actually surprise someone is huge. I get the adrenaline rushing as if something major is happening. That's probably why I love surprising people so much, cause apart from making them feel good, I also feel amazing. The best surprise I ever had was to my boyfriend. I had recently found out that no one had ever surprised him with anything, but yet he really wanted to. That gave me the will to host the most fantastic birthday party for him. I booked a venue near the beach, invited all his friends and family, got him his favorite cake, and tricked him into thinking that I had forgotten about his birthday...

He was so happy! It's good to surprise people every once in a while. It gives you and everyone around you joy!

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    Trish P.
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    Surprise parties are the joy of my life. I love hosting them, planning them, or even recieving them.

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    Thomas Kongo
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    I have never gotten a surprise in my life. I would love to though.. reading this article made me nostalgic.

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